City: I’m a fan of them. I love where they came from, what they’ve been through, and where they’re going.

Country: Not the music, but every other definition of the term. While a lot of folks are attracted to city life, rural America is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring in its own way. The 50 states ain’t bad either.

Camera: I take one everywhere with me. Whether it’s an iPhone, Canon G12, or Canon 7D, I love capturing anything and everything.

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Best of luck Justin. We were your neighbor at Robeling Row. Although we are 70 now we endorse you plan. We are visiting Glacier National in early September and will check out the fire damage.

  2. Glacier is spectacular. There is fresh snow on the mountains now. They are planning to keep it open till mid October but be dressed for it.

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