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The Great American Road Trip: Savannah, GA

After a sweltering night and hike at Cumberland Island National Seashore, we made our way up the coast to historic Savannah, Georgia. We’d heard a lot about the town and were excited to check it out. Though we didn’t stay too long, we had a great time walking through the historic squares; taking in James Edward Oglethorpe’s thoughtfully planned city layout was a great experience.

I’ve never seen a more photo-friendly city than Savannah; everywhere you look is visually stimulating and worthy of being captured.

We stopped at the Savannah College for Art & Design Store to check out what some of the brightest creative and artistic minds have been putting out. We weren’t disappointed.

And finally, what trip to Savannah would be complete without a visit to Leopold’s Ice Cream, by this point a city institution? The classic atmosphere was a perfect place to wind down our day in The Garden City.

The Great American Road Trip: Cumberland Island National Seashore

“We’re going to miss the ferry, aren’t we?” Stef asked, as we loaded up into the car and left the Waycross Hampton Inn. I considered the 64 miles we had to cover, looked at the clock (10:20 AM) and the fact that we were expected to arrive 30 minutes early for our 11:45 departure, and said, “Nah.” That may have been a slightly less-than-confident response.  Continue reading The Great American Road Trip: Cumberland Island National Seashore