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Love the Cov – 2016 Calendar Series

I started the @LoveTheCov Instagram account a few years ago as a means of sharing my photography and passion for the city of Covington, where I live. With nearly 200 photos and more than 1,000 followers, I never thought this little account would have a devoted following (at last check there were 6,364 photos tagged with #LoveTheCov).

For a while, I’ve wanted to make something that would allow people to share and enjoy their love of this town- without further ado, I present the 2016 Love the Cov Calendar Series.

Available in Poster or Desk/Wall versions.
Available in Poster or Desk/Wall versions.

First up is the 2016 Calendar Poster, which lets you get a quick 12-month view; it’s printed on premium matte paper and available in 13″x19″ and 9.5″x13″ sizes.

Second is the one I’m most excited about- desk or wall calendars created using premium materials. The first version consists of 1/4″ dark-stained oak bonded to chocolate brown genuine leather. Both the oak and leather will age beautifully throughout the year, and beyond. The metal bulldog clip will keep the months in order. Bonus- after the year is over, you have a pretty awesome rustic photo frame.

The second version of the desk/wall calendar was built using beechwood remnants from a tobacco barn in nearby Aurora, Indiana. I’ve chosen to leave this wood unfinished and keep the markings intact- just as there is a story in our photos, there is a story in this wood.

I’m even more excited to announce that 10% of every purchase will go towards supporting projects listed by Covington schools on DonorsChoose.org as of December 1, 2015. This is a great way to give back to the youth of our community.

Visit the Calendar Shop now to make your purchase and support Covington students!

Ohio River at Flood Stage

Took a short walk down to the Ohio Riverfront on Sunday to check out the river. Plenty of folks were walking along Riverside Drive in Covington, taking in the newly widened river and gorgeous sky.

Officially, a flood warning is declared when the river stage rises up 52 feet. Sunday morning registered at 53.1 feet, far from the 64.7 feet in 1997 and further still from 79.9 feet in 1937. The Cincinnati Enquirer has a pretty interesting timeline of the floods to hit the region.

The First Love the Cov Photo Essay

I’ve always loved telling stories, especially through photography. Storehouse is quickly becoming one of my favorite apps for this purpose, as its ease of use and gorgeous workflow makes the experience a real pleasure. My first photo essay to take off was one about Covington, and the development and energy encompassing the city. Check it out here.